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SYA-2000 intelligent universal circuit breaker

basic information
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The main parameters:
Rated insulation voltage: 1000V
Rated voltage: 400~690V
Rated current: 630A~2000A
Rated short-circuit breaking current: 50kA-80kA
Mechanical life: 10000 times
Product standard: IEC 60947.1, IEC 60947.2, GB 14048-1, GB 14048-2
Product certification: CCC, CE
Product pole number: 3P, 4P
Installation form: drawer type, fixed type
Protection level: IP40
SYA-2000 circuit breaker is suitable for power grids with a frequency of 50 to 60 Hz and a voltage of 400 to 690 V. It is mainly used for power distribution, feeder or motor protection to protect lines and power equipment from overload, grounding/leakage, current imbalance, and overcurrent. Harm of voltage, undervoltage, voltage imbalance, over-frequency, under-frequency, reverse power and other faults; under normal conditions, it can be used for infrequent conversion of lines, and can also be used for infrequent starting and protection of motors. When the power network performs communication networking, the controller can use remote terminals of the power automation network to achieve different networking requirements such as telemetry, remote control, remote signaling, and remote adjustment. The circuit breaker has an isolation function.
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